Massive List Of Useful WordPress Shortcodes Resources

WordPress Shortcodes are very useful handy functions; they allow you to quickly call information or to add a specific function in posts and pages. There are tons of quality articles about WordPress shortcodes. If you are new to WordPress shortcode, you should consider reading theses posts:

In this article, we’ll show you links to useful tutorials where you learn how to create and use shortcodes, as well as provide killer ready-to-use WordPress shortcodes plugins that will enhance your blogging experience.

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WordPress Shortcodes Tutorials Resources

WordPress Shortcodes: The Right Way

In this tutorial you will learn the process of integrating one of popular features, shortcodes, in the most user friendly way possible, into the theme.

WordPress Codex: Shortcodes reference

The WordPress Codex page related to the shortcode API.

Make Shortcodes User-Friendly

In this tutorial you will learn how to make shortcodes in your themes and plugins more accessible and user friendly.

Mastering WordPress Shortcodes

In this article show you how to create and use shortcodes, as well as provide killer ready-to-use WordPress shortcodes that will enhance your blogging experience.

10 incredibly cool WordPress shortcodes

In this article show you 10 incredible things shortcodes can do.

Working With WordPress Shortcodes

Pippin Williamson is a Freelance Web Developer with a love for WordPress and CSS. He is an expert WordPress dev with 3+ years of experience. He is show you at problogdesign great some killer techniques to use the shortcodes in your wordpress blog.

Some Great Shortcodes at WP-Recipes

Jean Baptiste, of WP-Recipes created a some great techniques of shortcode.

How to Create WordPress Shortcodes

In this tutorial you will learn how make a green Success Box and how to split the text in two three or more colunms.

Fun With WordPress Shortcode

The following tutorial provides a basic introduction on how to use and implement shortcode in WordPress and involves making some changes to your WordPress Theme.

Google Docs Shortcode Tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn how to take advantage of the excellent Google Docs and allow users to read PDF, DOC and PPT files directly from your site without having to download to their machines.

8 fun & useful shortcode functions for wordpress

In this tutorial you will learn 8 usefull shortcodes techniques to show related posts, obfuscate an email, add paypal donation link, output google powered chart, show google map with a marker etc.

Using shortcodes to show members-only content

This tutorial will cover three methods for setting up shortcodes to use in your posts and pages that will allow you to hide or show content depending on who’s viewing it.

WordPress Shortcodes Plugins Resources

WordPress Utility Shortcodes

This plugin lets you very easily insert utility boxes and buttons, which can be used for any number of things. Like the one above, you could use it to draw readers’ attention to important information, such as links.

demo / download

J Shortcodes

J Shortcodes allows you to add custom buttons, content boxes, tabs and accordion panels, build call to action and information boxes. You can choose color, size and shape for any of these elements, also gives you the power to define custom column layouts within any page, post or even text widget. Fly above restrictions and boundaries of the chosen theme. No more need to struggle with custom templates or PHP code.

examples / downlaod

Template Tag Shortcodes

Template Tag Shortcodes is a plugin that turns many of the WordPress template tags into easy-to-use shortcodes (40+ shortcodes).


WP-Weather widget – shows forecast information for a city. Displays image related to current conditions. Weather can also be inserted into a post or page via the shortcode [weather_display].


Share and Follow

Add Share Icons, Follow Links, Facebook Like, Twitter Tweet and other buttons (50+ Social sites supported) on your site in the way you want. Simple & adapatable social network.



Encodes mailto: links and e-mail addresses with JavaScript to stifle webcrawlers. Automatically turns plaintext e-mails into (enkoded) links.


Youtube with Style

You can add Youtube videos via shortcodes in your posts/pages


Kalin’s Post List

Creates a shortcode or PHP snippet for inserting dynamic, highly customizable lists of posts or pages such as related posts or table of contents into your post content or theme.

examples / download


An mp3 player for pages and posts, optional widget and shortcode, template tags. HTML5 / Flash, works on iphone and ipad.

examples / download

Shortcode Exec PHP

Execute arbitrary, reusable PHP code in posts, pages, comments, widgets and RSS feeds using shortcodes in a safe and easy way.


Promotion Slider

Promotion Slider is a jQuery slideshow populated by the promotions you enter into the WordPress admin area. Use the shortcode [promoslider] in the content area of a page or post where you want the image slider to appear.


In The Last One Premium Plugin

Styles with Shortcodes

Have you ever been in the situation where you have a great looking WordPress theme, but you are missing some custom styling for different elements? Maybe you don’t know PHP , CSS and Javascript and are not able to implement the cool feature you are missing.

Styles with Shortcodes is the solution for this problem. This plugin lets you customize content faster and easier than ever before by using Shortcodes. Choose from more than 70 built in shortcodes like; jQuery Toggles and Tabs, Tooltips, Column shortcodes, Gallery and Image shortcodes, Button Styles, Alert Box Styles, Pullquotes, Blockquotes, Twitter buttons, Retweet button, Facebook Like buttons, Google Maps and many more!

US$:25 buy now

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