7 Traits Every Website Logo Needs

Most web designers do not expect to design a logo, but that is actually a huge part of their jobs. Just like a website, a logo is all about evoking a specific reaction from a brand’s target audience. Its shape, colors, and other parts of its design should make people feel and behave a certain way.

Enticing an audience to react a certain way can be a challenge if one is inexperienced with logo design (or if one is designing for a client, whose brand identity is different from their own). That’s why analyzing other logos to see what works and what doesn’t work is such a good idea. In fact, if one spends much time looking at logos, they may even start to notice a pattern. There are seven traits that every good logo has, no matter what its style is or what industry it’s for.

The talented design team at Company Folders has put together fantastic “do” and “don’t” examples to show you how these seven traits create an appealing logo.



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